Elon Musk could make lots of extra money than Apple or Tesla, and he will use debt, not his cash. Ask yourself why. Do you also suppose Apple or Tesla use their cash to develop? Of route now not. Like Bezos, one of the richest guys in the global, do you observe he can pay taxes? I wouldn't wager on that, but the real reality is that he would not pay taxes either. Trump does not pay taxes, and Elon Musk does not pay taxes either. So the question is, how do men like them do it? that is what we have to be asking ourselves. As a way in case you're gonna be a wealthy guy you better learn two things properly now be an entrepreneur of thesis you have to discover ways to promote and secondly, you have got to realize real estate because real estate is debt and taxes what do you suggest demise and taxes so in 1974 I took my first actual property route open my eyes up due to the fact you don't need money to buy real estate and you pay no taxes on the pinnacle of it so simply before I get out of the Marine Corps you recognize gonna get activity with xerox mobile so I were given sales after which I understood real property so why am I rich man today because I took guides on the way to promote and study real estate and my bad that the Ph.D. has gone returned to school and get your MBA and get your Ph.D. that I wind up on you. The wealthy dad feels that wealth is measured in time, while the negative dad feels that wealth is measured in time. can you provide an explanation for which you have performed your studies, guy? I am proud of you. A whole lot of humans want to get rich That changed into my terrible dad, so I will make loads extra cash. so that you were given an excessive-paying task, and he saved going back to high school. you recognize, so that you're getting better pay now that wealth is measured in time. So in case you stop your task, how long can you continue to exist however the average American can not survive greater than a month?

                              HOW DO GUYS LIKE THEM DO IT?

I borrow and purchase property with them The terrible individual borrows cash and buys liabilities like purses automobiles and houses, and they get poorer and poorer and poorer, but I take advantage of debt I borrowed $300 million after the crash in 2000. By the end of 2010, I had borrowed $three hundred million to shop for real property, which made me wealthy, and the interest rates saved were coming down, so my cash stored was coming down. So these days, I own about 12,000 residences. The actual tale is, how did I acquire those residences? I will educate you in college that the greater my assets, the less tax I pay, and slow down those communist college instructors who tell you to get out of debt, like, What is his call, Dave Ramsey? This is an accurate recommendation for the average man or woman because that will kill you. However, that is money these days, and so once I acquire an asset, I exploit debt.
To be beneficial, you do things that are beneficial for your fellow humans, and in the arena, it is very tough to be useful. You realize I am contributing more than you understand, like trying to have a nice net.

                                                    facts approximately ELON MUSK
Elon Musk is a billionaire but lives in a $50,000 field for a loopy cause Musk sold all of his homes and almost all of his physical objects inside the Bay place for a combined $137 million in 2020 Musk then decided to do something insane He moved from California to Texas and rented a tiny container from his business enterprise SpaceX the container is constructed from recyclable materials and is made to assist the environment The house Elon lives in is best four hundred rectangular feet, and inside is one room with only a sofa bed kitchen and lavatory Elon Musk believes that by deciding to stay in a small house, he can inspire people internationally to recognise that homes do not always want to be massive His hope is for extra human beings to start living in tiny houses because it'd substantially improve the surroundings Elon is worth $246.6 billion and the thickness of a $100 bill is .0043 inches Since Elon has two legs, he could need to face on two piles of money if you multiply elon's net worth with the thickness of a greenback invoice Elon might have $5,688,000 and 900 inches of cash to face. If all people desired to face his money, it might be standing approximately 27 miles an hour.
you wanna recognize one issue that every failed businessman that I ever met had in common? They right now assumed their enterprise was better than their competitors; their ego caused their very own failure you want to recognize what I did before I even started the new challenge? I discovered all of the pinnacle competition and that I method their business as a patron so that I may be at the receiving end of giving up and gaining knowledge of each detail that caused their success. So why is it that men sense like they may be going to be successful within the bedroom with girls without first being at the receiving end of all of the alpha males of their area getting stuff and then taking the belongings you discover ways to the ladies to your existence?


youth and early ventures: Musk moved to Canada in 1989 and later became a U.S. citizen. Schooling and reading habits: Elon Musk attended the University of Pretoria and the University of Pennsylvania. He pursued two bachelor's degrees, one in economics from Wharton College and the other in physics from the College of Arts and Sciences. Zip2 organization: earlier than founding X.com (which later became PayPal), Musk co-founded Zip2, an agency that supplied business directories and maps for newspapers. PayPal and X.com: X.com, an internet payment employer based on Musk, merged with Confinity to become PayPal. PayPal was later bought by eBay in 2002 for $1.five billion. Tesla Motors: Musk joined Tesla Cars (now Tesla, Inc.) in 2004 as chairman and later became CEO. He invested a widespread quantity of his own money into the corporation during hard instances. personal Investments: Musk has invested in numerous ventures, consisting of SolarCity (a solar strength offerings employer), Neuralink (centered on developing brain–interface technology), and The Boring organization (aimed at tunnel creation and infrastructure). SpaceX Achievements: SpaceX, based by way of Musk in 2002, became the primary privately funded organization to release, orbit, and get better a spacecraft in 2008. SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, released in 2018, became the maximum powerful operational rocket in the international. Hyperloop and The Uninteresting Employer: Elon Musk proposed the Hyperloop concept, an excessive-speed transportation gadget using pressurized drugs in low-stress tubes. Twitter and Humor: Musk is known for his lively presence on Twitter, in which he regularly stocks updates approximately his groups and engages with the general public. He is popular for his humorousness and on occasion tweets funny or unconventional statements.

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